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Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the ability to travel anywhere in the country. Available for international bookings and individual classes (ask me about classes on skype) or group workshops.

Fluent in both spanish and english.

Actualmente me encuentro en Buenos Aires, Argentina, con movilidad para trasladarme por todo el país. Disponible para bookings internacionales, clases particulares (consulta por clases en skype) o workshops grupales.

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Future Events / Próximos eventos:


• 29 & 30 July 2017 - Shooting & Retouching Workshop in Neuquén, Argentina / Workshop de Toma & Retoque en Neuquénn Argentina.


• 4,5 & 6 August 2017 - Retouching Workshop in Punta Arenas, Chile / Workshop de Retoque en Punta Arenas, Chile. Sign Up!| Inscribite!:


• 2 & 3 September 2017 - Retouching Workshop in Posadas, Argentina / Workshop de Retoque en Posadas, Argentina. Sign Up!| Inscribite!: